Roasted pork, ham, and cheese, with your choice of jalapenos, pickles, mustard, mayo, and onions.

Cuban American BBQ

BBQ pork, with your choice of onions, Candied jalapenos, and cheese.

Chicken Breast

Chicken instead of pork, with your choice of Jalapenos, pickles, mustard, mayo, onions, and cheese.

Elena Ruz

Roasted turkey, cream cheese and guava jelly, with your choice of candied jalapenos and a lettuce leaf.

Pan Con Lechon

Roasted pork and garlic butter; with your choice of jalapenos, onions, and cheese.

Tropi Cuban

Pork, ham, bacon, cheese, pineapple, mayo and banna peppers on our own daily made bread.


Our Mexican take on the classic Cuban, but without the mustard and pickles. Instead we add home-made refried beans, guacamole, chipotle and sour cream.


Our Anti-sandwich, everything you love about the Cuban, except the bread. Named from its appearance.


We start with our Cuban put on 12 inches of our own baked bread, then we add lettuce, Black Olives and salami to make this Beast of a sandwich you won’t forget.


Our vegetarian sandwich, Made with portabella, black olives, onions, banana peppers and mozzarella cheese (optional of course). It’s healthy and delicious.

Ropa Vieja

We marinade the leanest beef in garlic, onions and lemon. Served shredded with mozerella , lettuce and jalapenos on our toasted bread flavored with garlic butter.


We reinvented the Mexican classic, Cuban style. Saffron rice mixed with green vegetables, our house refried beans and your choice of insides (beef, chicken, pork or portabella) served mild or hot in a 12 inch tortilla.


Papa Rellena

Cuban flavored Ground beef inside freshly mashed potatoes, breaded and deep fried. Topped with sour cream, jalapenos and our homemade hot sauce.


A mixture of mozzarella, green vegetables, our own house made dough deep fried and served with hot sour cream dipping sauce

Fried plantains

A Native Caribbean fruit either sweet or salty (your choice) deep fried to golden goodness.

Black bean soup

Our Family recipe of this famous Cuban soup. Hydrated Black beans slow cooked with our secret process. Try our meatless delight.

Bread pudding

Made from the excess bread from our sandwiches, raisins and vanilla with a caramelized top.


Authentic cuban tamales, Cuban roasted pork inside cornmeal served traditional in a corn husk.


Fried green plantain filled with your choice , either pork or crab


Our Cuban Espresso is made from beans grown in the Caribbean roasted by Cuban Americans.


A quick fix of our Cuban espresso


A full portion or our Cuban espresso


Cappuccino, Cuban style

Café con leche

Our amazing Cuban latte

We Also Serve Coca-Cola Products